SteelLinx Products


Category: Fasteners
Subcategory: Collated Fasteners, Connectors, Nails, Screws, Staples
Material: Metal

BlueLinx offers a wide selection of SteelLinx® nails, screws, staples, collated fasteners, and wood connectors in a variety of types, sizes, and finishes for virtually any application.

Category: Fencing
Subcategory: Metal/Steel, Wire

SteelLinx's wire fencing products include barbed wire, electric fence wire, bailing wire, woven wire fencing, as well as welded wire fabric, steel fence posts and fence stays.

Category: Packing & Shipping
Subcategory: Strapping
Type: Flat Steel, Plastic, Round Wire

The SteelLinx® by BlueLinx line of flat steel strapping includes the full range of regular-duty, high tensile, and heavy-duty products.

Category: Roofing
Subcategory: Metal

SteelLinx® Metal Roofing is a complete line of roofing and siding in an array of colors and profiles for both residential and commercial applications.